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444 East 4th Avenue
Escondido,  California


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CEO; Creating websites, advertising campaigns, and industrial designs to propel clients to the top tier. Also producing photography, 3d visualizations & illustrations.

Creative Director; Boltz Steel Furniture: Designed and implemented new web site, including completely overhauling the e-commerce processes. Designed new furniture line incorporating glass (to the exclusively steel line) which significantly increased overall sales. Managed $3 million advertising campaign. Increased sales 200% in less than four months.


Executive Profile

Industry Experience

Advertising, Computer – Software Application, Fashion/Apparel, Internet/E-Commerce, Media/Entertainment, Automotive, Surfing / Actionsports, Telecom., Medical


Job Functions

CEO/President, Graphic Design, Internet - Bus Dev/Operations, IT - Web Development, Marketing – Advertising


Opportunity Preference

Will consider full-time, contract, and startup employment opportunities.


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Interested in working in any location including abroad.



International Business Program, E-commerce Certification


Recent Compensation

$65/hr + bonuses, depending upon responsibilities



A well rounded creative person with special technical abilities and twelve years of experience in the creative and computer industries.  Excels in creating powerful marketing and web presence for young companies looking to reach the top tier. Principal strengths are web design, 3d, and interface design.  Mixing traditional fine art skills with current tricks of the trade to consistently produce visually stunning & intuitive results.  Competent in creating enterprise level web 2.0 (and beyond) database driven interactive on-line presence that elevates utility, public perception, and consumer enjoyment.  Well versed in content management systems, current web standards, technology trending, and future-proofing deliverables.  Comfortable working alone or creating a team to take on the largest of projects. Well traveled and adept at helping others reach their full potential. Values the opportunity to create something special.

Collaborated extensively with many high profile clients including Saks Fifth Avenue, Budget Rent-A-Car, Marriott, Hilton, Jack Daniel's, Seattle SeaHawks, Disney, Churchill Downs (Kentucky Derby), Qualcomm, Children's Miracle Network, America True (America's Cup contender), FOX Television, Azerly Solutions, Adrylan Communications, River Telecommunications, DeLaCruz Golf, Performance Solutions International, iLink International, The Macular Degeneration Foundation, UCSD Eye Center, About Time, and SDInet as well as many independent doctors, dentists and medical researchers.

Recent web design projects include (Drupal), (Drupal), MiraCosta College-Institute for International Perspectives (dotNetNuke), (html / Flash), (html).


• Web Design/Hand coding HTML/xhtml/CMS
• Animation (3D, Flash, Actionscript, +)
• 3D Modeling/Illustration
• Interface Design
• Team Management
• Print & Advertising
• Industrial Design


MacOS Versions 5 through OSX, Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista.


Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks, DreamWeaver, Drupal, WordPress, MovableType, Studio Pro, GoLive, hand code HTML, MediaCleaner, Painter, Adobe Primiere, Adobe After Effects, Freehand, Adobe Image Ready, FPS, and World Of Warcraft.


Javascript, VBscript, ASP, CSS, Joomla, dotNetNuke, VisualStudio, Oracle, DHTML, PHP, ASP, .net, mySQL, Javascript, FPS, Ms Office Products, QuarkXpress, Electric Image, Lightwave, Director, Powerpoint.


ArtScientific/Digital Crafter/Cenogenesis (May 31, 1996 - Present)
Position: Founder

Artscientific is a small company which I have created to pursue freelance work. Typically assume the roles of Art Direction or Sr. Designer positions on a contract basis. Recent web design projects include (Drupal), (Drupal), MiraCosta College-Institute for International Perspectives (dotNetNuke), (html / Flash), (html). As the creative lead for Adrylan Communications (May '06 – Feb. '08), provided the company with a new, clean, and more intuitive design aesthetic. Also produced the core elements of the new interface resulting in a dramatic increase in user friendliness and accessibility of the software's powerful features.
I enjoy variety and have had the opportunity to work on the Production and Art Department teams of Media Services and TV Magic on the FOX television fall promos. I also managed a team of PAs and had creative input on art direction, set design and execution. The majority of my projects include HTML/Web Design, but I also incorporate video, special effects, trade shows, TV production, 3d visualization/animation, graphic design, industrial design, presentations, illustrations, and after-market auto products just to name a few. Clients include America True (America's Cup contender), FOX Television, Azerly Solutions, Adrylan Communications, River Telecommunications, DeLaCruz Golf, Performance Solutions International, iLink International, The Macular Degeneration Foundation, UCSD Eye Center, Qualcomm, About Time, and SDInet as well as many independent doctors, dentists and medical researchers.

Boltz Steel Furniture (February 4, 2001 - June 2002)
Position: Creative Director/Sr. Designer

At Boltz, I had the opportunity to create a new and dramatically different personality for the company as well as design a new line of furniture. This was done with a completely new website, photography, catalogue, and advertising strategy. Shedding the somewhat "mom & pop" feel to reveal a web driven, sleek, sophisticated, and modern company that people just had to have a part of. All while improving the relationship with our retail outlets.
•Designed and implemented new web site, including overhauling the e-commerce processes
•Designed new furniture line incorporating glass which received rave reviews and significantly increased overall sales
•Created new catalogue including art direction on photography
•Created in-house photography studio and performed all subsequent photography
•Created new suite of print ads for Sound and Vision, Home Theater Magazine, Stereophile, E-gear, Jazz Times, and Opera News
•Increased incoming search engine traffic by 400%
•Completed majority of work listed above in less than four months

Darwin Networks (March 9, 2000 - November 12, 2000)
Position: Manager of Special Applications Development

Created HTML based user interfaces and advertising for Internet access/informational kiosks. Developed projects for clients that included Saks Fifth Avenue, Budget Rent-A-Car, Marriott, Hilton, Post Properties, Jack Daniel's, Seattle SeaHawks, Disney, Churchill Downs (Kentucky Derby), and Children's Miracle Network as well as others. I functioned as the lead artist with two skilled content developers reporting to me. Worked directly with the Programming Lead in the development of the kiosk software and integration of content.
•Designed realistic 3d visual concepts as well as physical kiosk enclosures
•Created new Kiosk division Web Site
•Created unique HTML based GUIs
•Designed Sales and Marketing Print collateral

AutoFusion ( (April 14, 1999 - March 9, 2000)
Position: Web Master

Responsibilities included:
•Started and managed graphic arts and content departments (teams of 11 people each)
•Managed advertising for and AutoByInternet websites
•Started QA/Testing department
•Created procedures and graphics for online Car Configurator, including modifying 500+ car images
•Created three unique looks for the site
•Managed Private Label program with 10+ participants
•Created graphics for 10+ private label sites as well as directing advertising for those sites
•Developed and managed Fantasy Car project
•Trained current managers of Private Label, Advertising, Content Director, and Creative Manager positions as company grew
•Redesigned AutoByInternet Homepage

Qualcomm (September 1, 1996 - April 10, 1999)
Position: QA Engineer/ Top Level Tech Support

Responsibilities included:
•Created Automated Testing Lab including automation scripts (Language very similar to C) and managed execution
•Creating test procedures and Test Plans
•Managed Eudora mail lists
•Maintained web based, dual-platform Bug Database
•Performed basic and full functionality tests (BFT & EFT) of Eudora
•Testing of Eudora World Mail server
•Testing of Server - Client interaction
•Testing of TCP/IP connections
•Macintosh lab Admin. for Eudora Testing lab
•In charge of maintenance, purchasing, and upgrading for Macintosh lab machines

Nisus Software (January 1, 1994 - May 31, 1996)
Positions: Graphic Design, Assistant System Admin., Hardware Admn.

Responsibilities included:
•International package designs from concept to print. Designs included 3d elements as well as custom textures and EPS graphics while incorporating hand draw elements
•Layout and design advertising and graphics
•Multi-media content for CD-ROM used to distribute product
•3d screensaver featuring company logo
•Installation, configuration, repair and maintenance of all computers at location (30-40) as well as employee training on said machines and software packages
•Installation, configuration and account administration of Servers on Ethernet network as well as remote access (ARA) and Internet server (T1)
•Creation and maintenance of automated and off-site backup procedures
•Troubleshooting and repair of network and web servers
•Purchasing of computers and peripherals as well as quantity purchasing for offices over-seas
•Disk finishing, including preparation and verification of media for final duplication
•Building of application update patches for international and web distribution

Burningman and Ibiza are my second homes.
Peter Julian Ochabski, La Jolla CA, (858) 245.8697

I'm a nice guy, easy to get along with, kind to animals,
relaxed yet driven.



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