Web Development Projects:
Here are a few of our favorite projects. We thrive on variety and enjoy everything from serious corporate identity to actionsports and the automotive industries. The first eight sites below showcase our extensive Drupal website development experience including ecommerce, social networking, non-profit organizations and custom themes

Drupal Website Design and Development - integrating UberCart shopping cart for e-commerce.
Click here for details on the features of the ArtScientific Drupal installation.
To read about a more specific feature set click here Detailed Features ArtScientific Drupal installation.

Dinamite TBS - TonneauCoversforPickupTrucks.com
A bold Drupal based e-commerce website. We integrated the UberCart system for its modular flexibility and our ability to customize various shopping cart functions. To pull users in quickly we created Flash animations with effects for the home page and used videos throughout, including those on optimized landing pages for SEO and PPC campaigns. Extensive use of many drupal modules allowed us to develop a powerful and intuitive site, both for visitors and the opperators, in relatively little time. We customized the ubercart order pages for the various options as well as the cart checkout.



Planned Parenthood - BetterThanSexEd.com
Planned Parenthood came to us with the look, layout and idea for this social network site focusing on providing factual and honest information about sexual health issues. ArtScientific was responsible for turning the concept into a reality that could effectively communicate important information in an intuitive way. This was accomplished while incorporating aspects of social networking, accepting and automaticaly converting/integrating images+video, adding a robust back end for managing large amounts of articles and video content submitted by users and employees. We also created an animated carousel containg videos that was easily edited with custom controls making it a simple task to add new videos without knowing html.

There are over one hundred and twenty five modules in the site that we adapted to coexist peacefully and effectively. We were only provided with a couple photoshop files, a few basic concepts, and we took it from there.

Configuring and rewriting modules to give users the ability to post content, questions, comments, videos, and edit their own user pages much like facebook was no small task but the end result has made peoples lives easier and few things are more rewarding.


A modern e-commerce website with a retro design aesthetic sums up this charming online store. This Drupal based site incorporates the ubercart e-commerce solution & shopping cart which allows for easy addition and management of products. We also installed a wysiwg editor that allows store owners/administrators to edit the site and products just as you would edit a document in a word processor. Excellent for those who want their own online store but dont know HTML. ArtScientific also provided the product photography for Retro Fit Apron's new line as featured on the web site. A photo gallery of retro TV moments showcases the sign of the times through apron styles. Videos are included to introduce the company and owner.


An example of one of our custom designed themes geared for the actions-sports/skate industry with a focus on girls but open to all. The flourishes on the sides are inverted skate ramps. Another of our Non-profit Drupal websites with a multi-purpose structure that incorporates elements of a brochure site, organization information, a showcase of events with event sign-up, multiple photo galleries using Web Gallery in conjunction with drupal, and the capacity to add a shopping cart at a later date. Drupal, being a modular CMS (content management system) allows us to add features such as the gallery and cart in stages without rebuilding the entire site.


This drupal website was designed to showcase this company's rustic, decorative, home accessories. We used Uber Cart for the shopping cart. The client needs to be able to add new items frequently, easily and quickly as new items come in and others sell out without depending on their web designer for each new product entry.


Encinitas Rotary
The Rotary Club of Encinitas came to us asking for a redesign as well as a member only section where users can log in and also sign up for volunteer time slots for different events. We use Drupal to integrate the member features with the ability to change and modify events easily.

HTML Website Design and Development

Collagen Natural
With this site we strive to project beauty, fashion and a comfortable spa feel. Our target audience needs to be confident in our products and we strive to present a professional looking site that people will feel comfortable buying from. Our color scheme, layout and interface all work together to provide a cohesive, intuitive and familiar place for people to buy our products.


Superior quality clubs/putters. All clubs are 3d, created before physical product was finished. Had fun with this one, lots of transparencies, and tricky table/background work.


Azerly Solutions, Inc.
A professional one-stop-shop for companies in the market for cutom software development or system integration.


Keystone Communications
(incomplete: temporary location)
Top shelf communication company offering services from premium home theater consulting to industrial level cabling and custom installation of giant plasma screens.


Eye MD of La Jolla
Offering traditional eye care, restorative eye procedures, Botox and Radiesse coupled with warmth and attention that is rarely found in todays medical practices.


Served there as WebMaster, created 3 unique looks for their primary website www.carprices.com, and led Car Configurator and Fantasy Car projects. My first management job, had the opportunity to lead an excellent team of 12 people. Also created automotive based site components for clients under the "Private Label"/affiliate marketing programs. Weather.com, aol.com, and Women.com were just a few of our clients.

A few concepts:
Design 2

A sample of FLASH with actionscript:

River Tech
Quality telecommunication solutions. They wanted a simple, professional site with no "fluf".


Unused concept, was later acquired by Autofusion.


Darwin Networks
Created HTML based user interfaces for internet access and informational kiosks. Developed projects for clients that included Saks Fifth Avenue, Budget Rent-A-Car, Marriott, Hilton, Post Properties, Jack Daniel's, Seattle SeaHawks, Disney, Churchill Downs (Kentucky Derby), and Children's Miracle Network as well as others. I functioned as the lead artist with two skilled content developers reporting to me. Worked directly with the Programming Lead in the development of the kiosk software and integration of content.

Samples soon to come.


Eastlake Eye Center.
A personal friend of ours came to us with a layout and design and we did all the production, menus and html. He is a physician and part owner of the Eastlake Eye Center.


Racing Headsets


Stylish clothing with a twist. No longer in existence.


Created interface for PureVoice software.

iLink International Logo

H&F Aeronautical - (soon)

Sound Ideas
Sound Ideas2
Unused but interesting site concepts.

Nisus Software

America True (Americas Cup contender)
Created poster size 3d rendering of their Americas Cup Boat for promotional purposes. Also created looping 3d animations for demos.

classic FLASH example
You can view and example of our FLASH with actionscript navigation at the top of this page.

Provides international performance consulting and training for businesses. Created site as freelance project.



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