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Name Description
Administration Menu Renders a menu tree for administrative purposes as dropdown menu at the top of the window.
Name Description
Avatar Approval Moderate your user's avatar
Name Description
Asset Digital Asset management.
Required by: Asset Bonus Pack, Asset Embed, Asset Import, Asset jQuery Media, Asset Panels, Asset YouTube
Asset Bonus Pack Extra formatters for audio and video for the asset module.
Depends on: Asset
Asset Embed Generic asset handler for <embed>-ed content.
Depends on: Asset
Asset Import Allows batches of images to be imported as assets from a directory on the server.
Depends on: Asset
Asset jQuery Media Embed media with the jQuery Media Plugin.
Depends on: Asset, jQuery Media
Asset Panels Panels support for the asset module.
Depends on: Asset, Panels
Asset YouTube Use youtube videos as drupal assets.
Depends on: Asset
Buddylist Package
Name Description
Buddy API API which provides functions to create buddy connections, for example: buddylist
Required by: Buddy API Invite, Buddy API Shortest Route, Buddylist UI
Buddy API Invite Integrates the Buddy API and Invite modules
Depends on: Buddy API, Invite
Buddy API Shortest Route Displays the shortest route between two users
Depends on: Buddy API
Buddylist UI Userinterface for Buddy API
Depends on: Buddy API, Views, Usernode
Name Description
CCK Taxonomy CCK integration with taxonomy.module
Depends on: Content, Taxonomy, Views
Colorpicker Widget Adds a color picker widget.
Content Allows administrators to define new content types.
Required by: CCK Taxonomy, Content Copy, Date, Date Copy, Fieldgroup, File Field, FileField - Meta, ImageField, Node Reference, Number, Option Widgets, Text, User Reference
Content Copy Enables ability to import/export field definitions.
Depends on: Content
Content Templates Create templates to customize output of teaser and body content.
Fieldgroup Create field groups for CCK fields.
Depends on: Content
File Field Defines a file field type.
Depends on: Content, MimeDetect
Required by: FileField - Meta
FileField - Meta Add metadata gathering and storage to filefield.
Depends on: Content, File Field, Getid3 (missing)
ImageField Defines an image field type.
Depends on: Content
Node Reference Defines a field type for referencing one node from another.
Depends on: Content
Number Defines numeric field types.
Depends on: Content
Option Widgets Defines selection, check box and radio button widgets for text and numeric fields.
Depends on: Content
Text Defines simple text field types.
Depends on: Content
User Reference Defines a field type for referencing a user from a node.
Depends on: Content
Name Description
Colorpicker Adds a custom form element type called a colorpicker.
Required by: Brilliant Gallery
Colorpicker Example Shows an example of the colorpicker in action.
Name Description
G2 glossary Manage a node-based glossary
Depends on: Taxonomy
highlight Highlights search terms on content pages.
Core - optional
Name Description
Aggregator Aggregates syndicated content (RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds).
Blog Enables keeping easily and regularly updated user web pages or blogs.
Blog API Allows users to post content using applications that support XML-RPC blog APIs.
Book Allows users to collaboratively author a book.
Required by: Hierarchical Select Book
Color Allows the user to change the color scheme of certain themes.
Comment Allows users to comment on and discuss published content.
Required by: Comment Notify, Forum, Spam node age filter, Tracker
Contact Enables the use of both personal and site-wide contact forms.
Drupal Lets you register your site with a central server and improve ranking of Drupal projects by posting information on your installed modules and themes
Forum Enables threaded discussions about general topics.
Depends on: Taxonomy, Comment
Help Manages the display of online help.
Legacy Provides legacy handlers for upgrades from older Drupal installations.
Locale Enables the translation of the user interface to languages other than English.
Menu Allows administrators to customize the site navigation menu.
Required by: Hierarchical Select Menu
Path Allows users to rename URLs.
Required by: Pathauto
Ping Alerts other sites when your site has been updated.
Poll Allows your site to capture votes on different topics in the form of multiple choice questions.
Profile Supports configurable user profiles.
Required by: Birthdays
Search Enables site-wide keyword searching.
Required by: Active Search, Search Service, Search Index Cloud
Statistics Logs access statistics for your site.
Taxonomy Enables the categorization of content.
Required by: CCK Taxonomy, Forum, G2 glossary, Glossary, Hierarchical Select Taxonomy, Smart Queue Taxonomy, Tagadelic, Taxonomy Service, Bonus: lineage nested
Throttle Handles the auto-throttling mechanism, to control site congestion.
Tracker Enables tracking of recent posts for users.
Depends on: Comment
Upload Allows users to upload and attach files to content.
Required by: User badges
Core - required
Name Description
Block Controls the boxes that are displayed around the main content.
Filter Handles the filtering of content in preparation for display.
Node Allows content to be submitted to the site and displayed on pages.
Required by: Node Service
System Handles general site configuration for administrators.
User Manages the user registration and login system.
Required by: User Service
Watchdog Logs and records system events.
DASH Player
Name Description
DASH Player Provides an interface and activation mechanism for the Drupal DASH Player.
Depends on: Services
Name Description
Date Defines CCK date/time fields and widgets.
Depends on: Content, Date API, Date Timezone
Required by: Date Copy
Date API A Date API that can be used by other modules.
Required by: Calendar, Calendar iCal, Date, Date PHP4, Date Popup, Date Repeat API, Date Timezone
Date Copy Import and export CCK date data.
Depends on: Content, Date
Date PHP4 Emulate PHP 5.2 date functions in PHP 4.x, PHP 5.0, and PHP 5.1. Required when using the Date API with PHP versions less than PHP 5.2.
Depends on: Date API
Date Popup Enables jquery popup calendars and time entry widgets for selecting dates and times.
Depends on: Date API, Date Timezone
Date Repeat API A Date Repeat API to calculate repeating dates and times from iCal rules.
Depends on: Date API
Date Timezone Needed when using Date API. Overrides site and user timezone handling to set timezone names instead of offsets.
Depends on: Date API
Required by: Date, Date Popup
Name Description
Devel Various blocks, pages, and functions for developers.
Devel Node Access Developer block and page illustrating relevant node_access records.
Generator Generate dummy users, nodes, and taxonomy terms.
Helpers A collection of helper functions
Depends on: Helpers_theme
Helpers_database A collection of helper functions for database
Required by: Faq_Ask
Helpers_form A collection of helper functions for form
Depends on: Helpers_theme
Helpers_node A collection of helper functions for nodes
Helpers_taxonomy A collection of helper functions for taxonomy
Helpers_theme A collection of helper theming functions
Required by: Helpers, Helpers_form
Macro Allows administrators to record and playback form submissions.
Node Queue Generate Bulk assign nodes into queues for quickly populating a site.
Depends on: Node Queue
Performance Logging Logs detailed and/or summary page generation time and memory consumption for page requests.
Easy Module
Name Description
Counter This module used for displaying a Site Counter, Unique Vistor and Client IP.
Form Elements
Name Description
Hierarchical Select Simplifies the selection of one or multiple items in a hierarchical tree.
Depends on: jQuery Update
Required by: Hierarchical Select Book, Hierarchical Select Content Taxonomy, Hierarchical Select Content Taxonomy Views, Hierarchical Select Flat List, Hierarchical Select Menu, Hierarchical Select Taxonomy Subscriptions, Hierarchical Select Taxonomy, Hierarchical Select Taxonomy Views
Hierarchical Select Book Use Hierarchical Select for selecting the parent page of a book page.
Depends on: Hierarchical Select, Book
Hierarchical Select Content Taxonomy Use Hierarchical Select as the widget for Content Taxonomy CCK fields.
Depends on: Hierarchical Select, Content_taxonomy (missing), Hierarchical Select Taxonomy
Hierarchical Select Content Taxonomy Views Use Hierarchical Select for Content Taxonomy exposed filters in Views.
Depends on: Hierarchical Select, Content_taxonomy_views (missing)
Hierarchical Select Flat List Allows Hierarchical Select's dropbox to be used for selecting multiple items in a flat list of options.
Depends on: Hierarchical Select
Hierarchical Select Menu Use Hierarchical Select for menu parent selection.
Depends on: Hierarchical Select, Menu
Hierarchical Select Taxonomy Use Hierarchical Select for Taxonomy.
Depends on: Hierarchical Select, Taxonomy
Required by: Hierarchical Select Content Taxonomy, Hierarchical Select Taxonomy Subscriptions, Hierarchical Select Taxonomy Views
Hierarchical Select Taxonomy Subscriptions Use Hierarchical Select for Taxonomy Subscriptions.
Depends on: Hierarchical Select, Subscriptions_taxonomy (missing), Hierarchical Select Taxonomy
Hierarchical Select Taxonomy Views Use Hierarchical Select for Taxonomy exposed filters in Views.
Depends on: Hierarchical Select, Hierarchical Select Taxonomy, Views
Name Description
ImageAPI ImageAPI supporting multiple toolkits.
Required by: ImageAPI GD2, ImageAPI ImageMagick, ImageCache, Imagecache UI
ImageAPI GD2 Uses PHP's built-in GD2 image processing support.
Depends on: ImageAPI
ImageAPI ImageMagick Command Line ImageMagick support.
Depends on: ImageAPI
ImageCache Dynamic image manipulator and cache.
Depends on: ImageAPI
Required by: Imagecache UI
Imagecache UI ImageCache User Interface.
Depends on: ImageCache, ImageAPI
Name Description
Cancel User Accounts Allows your users to terminate user accounts by withdrawing their invitation. WARNING - This module is put into effect when you enable it.
Depends on: Invite
Invite Allow your users to send and track invitations to join your site.
Depends on: Token
Required by: Buddy API Invite, Cancel User Accounts, Invite Site Report, Invite Statistics, Userpoints Invite
Invite Site Report An overall site report of invitations.
Depends on: Invite
Invite Statistics Displays some statistics about sent invitations.
Depends on: Invite
Javascript tools
Name Description
Active Search Adds AJAX to standard Drupal search.
Depends on: Javascript tools, Tabs, Search
Activeedit Provides AJAX-based in place editing.
Depends on: Javascript tools, Formfilter
Activemenu Adds AJAX-based tree menu to navigation menu.
Depends on: Javascript tools
AJAX submit Makes designated forms submit via AJAX.
Depends on: Javascript tools, Form store
Collapsiblock Makes blocks collapsible.
Depends on: Javascript tools
Javascript tools Provides common methods used by Javascript Tools modules.
Required by: Activeedit, Activemenu, Active Search, AJAX submit, Collapsiblock, Tabs
JS Calendar Enables popup calendars for selecting dates using the jscalendar library.
Lightbox2 Enables Lightbox V2 for Drupal
Depends on: jQuery Update
Required by: Brilliant Gallery
Tabs A helper module for creating tabbed pages.
Depends on: Javascript tools
Required by: Active Search, Tabs panel style
Name Description
Mime Mail E-mail with HTML and attachments
Required by: Send
Send Send to friend
Depends on: Mime Mail
Name Description
Brilliant Gallery Creates a fully customizable table gallery of quality-scaled images from a pre-defined folder.
Depends on: Lightbox2, Colorpicker
FLV Media Player Render a flash player on selected media types
Depends on: SWFObject Module
Node Profile
Name Description
Usernode Automatic creation and deletion of usernodes - one node for each user.
Required by: Buddylist UI
Node Queue
Name Description
Node Queue Create queues which can contain nodes in arbitrary order
Required by: Smart Queue Author, NodeCarousel, Node Queue Generate, Smart Queue Taxonomy
Smart Queue Author Creates a node queue for each node author
Depends on: Node Queue
Smart Queue Taxonomy Creates a node queue for each taxonomy vocabulary
Depends on: Node Queue, Taxonomy
Name Description
Avatar Gallery Provides a block which is a clickable JPEG of all user's avatars, with their names placed under the picture.
Bio Use a custom node type for user bios
Birthdays Displays and reminds of upcoming users birthdays.
Depends on: Profile
Bookmark Us The Bookmark Us Module allows visitors to quickly and easily bookmark your site, and the current page.
Checkbox Validate Makes checkbox fields that have been specified as required behave as required (corrects core bug).
Comment Notify Comment follow-up e-mail notification for anonymous as well as registered users.
Depends on: Comment
Custom Error Enables the creation of custom error pages for 404 and 403 errors.
Email Registration For registration process without a username.
Excerpt Allows users to manually control the teaser for a node.
Faq_Ask Allows an unanswered question 'queue' for the FAQ module.
Depends on: Frequently Asked Questions, Helpers_database
FCKeditor Enables the usage of FCKeditor (WYSIWYG) instead of plain text fields.
Flag Create customized flags that users can set on nodes.
Flash node Allows easy uploading and display of Flash content.
Form collect Collects form information while browsing the site.
Depends on: Form store
Form store Provides form information to other modules.
Required by: AJAX submit, Form collect
Formfilter Provides tools and a UI for simplifying and altering forms.
Required by: Activeedit
Frequently Asked Questions Manages configuration of questions for a FAQ page.
Required by: Faq_Ask
Glossary Maintain a glossary on your site.
Depends on: Taxonomy
Googtube Youtube and Google Video links are automatically converted into embedded videos.
Hovertip Support for tooltips, via the jquery hovertip plugin.
HTML Corrector Ensures all HTML in user-submitted content is valid when output on the page.
IMCE An image/file uploader and browser supporting personal directories and user quota.
Javascript Aggregator Aggregates and caches JavaScript files to increase performance.
Login Destination Controls which URL users will be redirected upon login.
LoginToboggan Improves Drupal's login system.
MimeDetect Provides common mime type detection for Drupal sites.
Required by: File Field
Pathauto Provides a mechanism for modules to automatically generate aliases for the content they manage.
Depends on: Path, Token
Poormanscron Internal scheduler for users without a cron application.
Porter Stemmer Improve English language searching by simplifying related words to their root (conjugations, plurals, ...).
RelatedContent Allows privileged users to associate a node with related nodes that can be displayed along with the node.
Depends on: Views
Rounded corners Enables rounded corners with JQuery
Search Index Cloud The module produces a tag cloud from stored search terms, based on term occurrences and various limits. The tag cloud is displayed in a dedicated block.
Depends on: Search
Similar By Terms Display a block of other content that is similar by keywords (taxonomy terms).
SimpleMenu Creates a menu bar that is displayed at the top of every page.
Site map Display a site map.
SWFObject Module Implements the SWFObject Library, makes it easy for developers to add flash content
Required by: FLV Media Player
Token Provides a shared API for replacement of textual placeholders with actual data.
Required by: Invite, Pathauto
Top Searches Provides a list of top search phrase
User badges Enables assignment of graphical badges to users and roles.
Depends on: Upload
Username AJAX check Check username originality on registration or create user form via AJAX request.
Word Filter Replaces words inside posts with filtered versions.
Name Description
Legacy node panes Allows embedding specific nodes into panes without using contexts. This module provides backwards compatibility for older Panels API implementations; you should only enable it if your Panels editor is mysteriously without node-related data.
Depends on: Panels
Legacy views panes Provides all views as panes to be added to displays; this is provided for legacy use and should not be used in new installations.
Depends on: Panels, Views
Mini panels Create mini panels that can be used as blocks.
Depends on: Panels
Panel nodes Create nodes that are divided into areas with selectable content.
Depends on: Panels
Panel pages Create pages that are divided into areas of the page.
Depends on: Panels
Panels Core Panels display functions
Required by: Asset Panels, Panels exporter, Mini panels, Panel nodes, Legacy node panes, Panel pages, Panels simple cache, Tabs panel style, Views panes, Legacy views panes, Bonus: Panels
Panels exporter Allows exporting multiple panel pages, mini panels and other types at once.
Depends on: Panels
Panels simple cache Adds the simple cache as an option when configuring panel panes.
Depends on: Panels
Views panes Creates views as content types that can be added to displays
Depends on: Panels, Views
Panels style plugins
Name Description
Carousel Panel Style. Carousel Panel style.
Depends on: jCarousel
Tabs panel style Configurable 'tabs' panel style. Provides 3 kinds of tabs.
Depends on: Panels, Tabs
SWF Tools
Name Description
1 Pixel Out SWF Tools support for 1 Pixel Out MP3 Player.
Depends on: SWF Tools
FlowPlayer Enables support for FlowPlayer.
Depends on: SWF Tools
jquery.flash.js Integration with Luke Lutman's jquery.flash.js Flash replacement plugin. This ships with SWF Tools, it does not need to be downloaded separately.
Depends on: SWF Tools
JW Media Player 4 Enable support for JW Media Player 4.
Depends on: SWF Tools
SimpleViewer Unstable: Integration with SimpleViewer.
Depends on: SWF Tools
SWF Tools Provides a generic API for Macromedia Flash related tasks
Required by: FlowPlayer, jquery.flash.js, 1 Pixel Out, SimpleViewer, SWFObject, SWFObject2, UFO, Wijering Flash, JW Media Player 4
SWF Tools Integration Unstable: Provides useful integration options that can be switched on in the menu.
SWFObject Support for SWFObject by Geoff Stearns
Depends on: SWF Tools
SWFObject2 Support for SWFObject v2 by Geoff Stearns
Depends on: SWF Tools
UFO Support for UFO by Bobby Van der Sluis
Depends on: SWF Tools
Wijering Flash SWF Tools support for Jeroen Wijering Flash Players.
Depends on: SWF Tools
Name Description
Services Provide an API for creating web services.
Required by: DASH Player, Favorites - Service, Node Service, Search Service, System Service, Taxonomy Service, User Service, Userpoints Service, Views Service, Voting Service, XMLRPC Server
Services - servers
Name Description
XMLRPC Server Provides an XMLRPC server.
Depends on: Services
Services - services
Name Description
Favorites - Service Provides a node favorites service.
Depends on: Services, Favorite_nodes (missing)
Node Service Provides a node service.
Depends on: Services, Node
Search Service Provides a search service.
Depends on: Services, Search
System Service Provides system services.
Depends on: Services
Taxonomy Service Provides a taxonomy service.
Depends on: Services, Taxonomy
User Service Provides a user service.
Depends on: Services, User
Views Service Provides a views service.
Depends on: Services, Views
Voting Service Provides a voting service.
Depends on: Services, Voting API
Name Description
Bayesian filter A bayesian filter.
Depends on: Spam API
Required by: Spam URL filter
Custom filter Allows the creation of custom spam filter rules.
Depends on: Spam API
Duplicate filter A duplication detecting spam filter.
Depends on: Spam API
Spam API The core Spam API for autodetecting and managing spam.
Required by: Bayesian filter, Custom filter, Duplicate filter, Spam node age filter, Spam Surbl filter, Spam URL filter
Spam node age filter A node-age comment filter plug-in for the spam module.
Depends on: Spam API, Comment
Spam Surbl filter A Surbl filter plug-in for the spam module.
Depends on: Spam API
Spam URL filter A URL filter plug-in for the spam module.
Depends on: Spam API, Bayesian filter
Spam control
Name Description
CAPTCHA Base CAPTCHA module for adding challenges to arbitrary forms.
Required by: Image CAPTCHA, Text CAPTCHA
http:BL Implementation of http:BL for Drupal.
Image CAPTCHA Provides an image based CAPTCHA.
Depends on: CAPTCHA
Text CAPTCHA Provides a simple text based CAPTCHA.
Depends on: CAPTCHA
Name Description
Tagadelic Tagadelic makes weighted tag clouds from your taxonomy terms.
Depends on: Taxonomy
User Interface
Name Description
jCarousel This module allows developers and themers to make use of the jCarousel jQuery plugin.
Depends on: jQuery Update
Required by: NodeCarousel, Carousel Panel Style.
jQ Allows modules to register jQuery plugins with a central repository.
Required by: jQ Bridge
jQ Bridge Adds jQ support to several jQuery wrapper modules, including jCarousel.
Depends on: jQ
JQuery Interface Library An API and central location for modules that use the JQuery Interface library.
Depends on: jQuery Update
Required by: Message Effects
jQuery Media Wrapper for the jQuery Media plugin, embedding virtually any media.
Required by: Asset jQuery Media
jQuery Update Updates Drupal to use the latest version of jQuery.
Required by: Hierarchical Select, jCarousel, JQuery Interface Library, Lightbox2, Message Effects
Message Effects Calls more attention to Drupal messages.
Depends on: jQuery Update, JQuery Interface Library
NodeCarousel Displays a series of nodes in a slide or parade fashion, using the jCarousel jQuery extension
Depends on: jCarousel, Node Queue
User Karma
Name Description
User Karma Takes into account a user's karma
Required by: User Karma - give votes plugin, User Karma - give node plugin, User Karma - votes on comments plugin, User Karma - votes on nodes plugin
User Karma - give node plugin Assign karma if a user submits a node
Depends on: Voting API, User Karma
User Karma - give votes plugin Assign karma if a user votes - ANY vote will do
Depends on: Voting API, User Karma
User Karma - votes on comments plugin Assign karma if a comment CREATED by the author is voted up/down.
Depends on: Voting API, User Karma
User Karma - votes on nodes plugin Assign karma if a node CREATED by the author is voted up/down.
Depends on: Voting API, User Karma
Name Description
Email single notify Userpoints email single notification
Depends on: Userpoints
Referral points Allows referrers to get bonus points percentage points for all user points awarded to their referrees.
Depends on: Userpoints, Referral (missing)
Role Users join/leave roles as they earn/lose certain points threshold.
Depends on: Userpoints
User Points Top Contributors Creates blocks and pages that list a community's Top Contributors.
Depends on: Userpoints
User Points Voting API Integrates User Points with Voting API-based modules like Fivestar.
Depends on: Userpoints, Voting API
Userpoints Users earn points as they post nodes, comments, and vote on nodes.
Required by: Referral points, Userpoints Basic, Userpoints Invite, Userpoints No Negative, Userpoints Retroactive, Role, Userpoints Service, Email single notify, User Points Top Contributors, Views Integration, User Points Voting API, Userpoints Workflow-NG integration
Userpoints Basic Userpoints for core Drupal, such as posting nodes and comments, and moderating comments.
Depends on: Userpoints
Userpoints Invite Users earn points when they invite other, and when others register.
Depends on: Userpoints, Invite
Userpoints No Negative Has no UI. Once enabled, prevents transactions that would move accounts negative. Allows currently negative users to make positive transactions.
Depends on: Userpoints
Userpoints Retroactive Calculate userpoints for nodes and comments created so far.
Depends on: Userpoints
Userpoints Service Exposes userpoints functionality via XML-RPC
Depends on: Userpoints, Services
Userpoints Workflow-NG integration Provides integration of Userpoints with Workflow-NG
Depends on: Userpoints, Workflow_ng (missing)
Views Integration Adds userpoints related fields, sorts and filters to views. Benefits from the usernode module being installed, although not required.
Depends on: Userpoints, Views
Name Description
Bonus: audio playlist Displays a view of audio nodes in a flash player with playlist.
Depends on: Views, Audio (missing)
Bonus: Bare view Outputs fields as they are; no fancy formatting.
Depends on: Views
Bonus: grid view View type that outputs a LIST view in a simple grid. In your PHP argument code, you can use <?php $view->gridcount = SOME_NUMBER; ?> to change the column count
Depends on: Views
Bonus: lineage nested View type that displays summaries as nested taxonomy trees. Provides a new default view at administer >> views
Depends on: Views, Lineage (missing), Taxonomy
Bonus: monthly archive Provides the classic monthly archive view as a default view. When activated, you will find the new view in administer >> views
Depends on: Views
Bonus: Panels Various views style plugins to put views nodes in panels
Depends on: Views, Panels
Bonus: Sparkline view View type that outputs a each field as a sparkline graph, with one data point for each node. Each field MUST contain a numeric value, not a text value.
Depends on: Views, Sparkline (missing)
Bonus: summary + full view View type puts a summary on top and an argument below.
Depends on: Views
Bonus: Views Export Plugin to export views to Comma Separated Values (CSV, opens in spreadsheet programs), or Doc
Depends on: Views
Calendar Adds date calendar themes to views that can display any type of date field, and creates default calendar views.
Depends on: Views, Date API
Required by: Calendar iCal
Calendar iCal Adds ical functionality to calendar views.
Depends on: Views, Date API, Calendar
Views The views module creates customized views of node lists.
Required by: Buddylist UI, Calendar, Calendar iCal, CCK Taxonomy, Hierarchical Select Taxonomy Views, Views panes, Legacy views panes, RelatedContent, Views Integration, Bonus: monthly archive, Bonus: audio playlist, Bonus: Bare view, Bonus: Views Export, Bonus: grid view, Bonus: lineage nested, Bonus: Panels, Bonus: Sparkline view, Bonus: summary + full view, Views RSS, Views Service, Views Theme Wizard, Views UI
Views RSS RSS plugin for the views feed selector argument.
Depends on: Views
Views Theme Wizard The views theme wizard helps create stub theming for views.
Depends on: Views
Views UI The Views UI module allows you to create and edit views.
Depends on: Views
Name Description
Fivestar A simple five-star voting widget for nodes.
Depends on: Voting API
Voting API
Name Description
Voting API Provides a shared voting API for other modules.
Required by: Fivestar, User Karma - give votes plugin, User Karma - give node plugin, User Karma - votes on comments plugin, User Karma - votes on nodes plugin, User Points Voting API, Voting Service
XML Sitemap
Name Description
XML Sitemap Creates an XML site map in accordance with the sitemaps.org specification.
Required by: XML Sitemap: Engines, XML Sitemap: Node, XML Sitemap: Term, XML Sitemap: User
XML Sitemap: Engines Submits site map to search engines.
Depends on: XML Sitemap
XML Sitemap: Node Adds nodes to the site map.
Depends on: XML Sitemap
XML Sitemap: Term Adds taxonomy terms to the site map.
Depends on: XML Sitemap
XML Sitemap: User Adds user profiles to the site map.
Depends on: XML Sitemap


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