Parallel world...

Here is a little teaser of a movie/comic concept I'm working on:

Parallel world...

We are slowly being tagged and trained like worker monkeys, and our planet is being altered to suit someone else.

First the human race is lethargically migrating in loose nomadic tribes.

Next thing we know new technologies, medicine, and concepts cause the human population to explode.

Concurrently these same changes that fuel the insanely rapid technological advancement are changing our environment, changing the very temperature of our planet and the composition of our air and water.

Next our mythology and popular culture, right from the onset is filled with a few consistent creatures, or races. Depictions of these creatures occur worldwide. At first they were depicted as something to be feared, then slowly over time, they have been shifted to be revered, creating a subconscious notion that these creatures are dangerous but that we should idolize them.

A prime example of this are vampires, werewolves, and dragons. Now if I were an alien race, especially one with a long lifespan far beyond ours, like mice are to us - I'd groom the workers this way to train them with my technology, terraform their planet with machines and chemicals, and prepare them for my arrival with media propaganda. Ever notice the amount of movies about aliens and the end of the world is skyrocketing?

I would also provide technology that makes it easy to track people, for example give them devices such as cell phone that have built in GPS that would tell me exactly where everyone is all the time. I'd have to make them desirable and useful to ensure people keep them with them at all times.

If someone is undesirable, had bad genetics for my purpose, or is too disruptive i could also change the frequency of such a device and boost a signal to it on a particular wavelength and they would start to develop cancer or some thing similar. End of problem, zero effort, zero commotion.

I'd put cameras up everywhere, provide law enforcement with systems that auto-scan licence plates and include GPS and computer systems in cars so that I could track their travel even without their cell phones.