Facebook and Twitter a double edged sword?


Facebook and twitter are fantastic... for normal people, maybe... As an artist, a writer, a tech savvy person I recoil in horror as so much is being funneled through these tiny openings. The worst part is everything else thats getting left on the cutting room floor or never even conceived because it doesn't fit into these popular formats.

Unfortunately this seems to be the wave of the future, people won't have their own sites. They will be allowed to post on some companies website in small pre-defined amounts with limited customization... but only if they promise to get all their friends to join it too.

Where the web was once the promise of boundless communication, ideas, and creativity through our lazyness and apathy its becoming a collection of fortune cookie wisdom and terse updates.

They have their place, if used wisely and if users are vigilant in not letting them grow, constrain, and "monetize" inappropriately.