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We are a well rounded creative company with special technical abilities offering premium quality with one-stop convenience. We provide professional creative solutions online, in new media, and in print. Having been in the business more than 10 years, we've managed to stay on the edge while backing it up with our considerable experience. We take great care to ensure a consistent look and level of quality for our clients and their companies. We also put significant effort into learning & testing new technologies thereby future-proofing everything we produce. Perhaps most importantly, we value the opportunity to create something special.
We excel in creating powerful marketing and web presence for companies looking to reach the top tier.  Mixing traditional fine art skills with current tricks of the trade we consistently produce visually stunning & intuitive results. Competent in creating enterprise level web 3.0 (and beyond) database driven interactive on-line presence that elevates productivity, public perception, and end user enjoyment. Extra care is taken to provide professional level content management systems, social media, video for the web, current web standards, technology trending, and search engine optimization.
Capable of creating teams to take on the largest of projects we enjoy challenges on any scale. We are well traveled and adept at helping others reach their full potential. 
While our focus is on premium markets we love working with Non-profit companies, action sports, adventure, music, and automotive related industries. 
We love to evolve & grow with our clients. Having been around for over 10 years we will be available for additional help as long as you need it. Our experience has also taught us the importance of timely, professional, and effective communication with clients.
Our firm enjoys collaborating with local & international clients from our base in Southern California. We work hard and play hard. We are explorers that never stop learning. We love nature and the urban jungle. We are laid-back and comfortable but clean up beautifully. International travel is welcome.
The Creative Details
Graphic Design
We have been using Illustrator (an the complete Adobe suite) since its inception to create visually appealing designs with impact. From corporate identity, logos, business cards, and stationary to catalogs, brochures, and fliers we excel from concept to print. We love vector graphics and incorporate them into almost everything we create.
Flash / Animation
We have been working with interactive Flash for over 6 years and have a traditional arts background that we feel lends more “life” to our digital creations. 
Photo Manipulation
We offer both “special effects” and post-production work to not only enhance traditional imagery but also make fantasy a reality. 
Our focus is on creative photography  but our professional product photography benefits from this approach infusing new life into traditional product shots.  We love on location shoots using natural light (or lack there of) but we also have an in-house studio for a controlled lighting environment.
We can replicate any style, work in any medium, from full-color, detailed, visceral comics to loose and savvy New Yorker style ink cartoons. Using both digital and traditional techniques we achieve superior results in less time.
Character design / Games
We also have a keen interest in game and character development. We have extensive experience in 3d lighting, texturing and modeling. We also have interior design, prototyping, and furniture design experience that assists us in delivering superior work.
The Technical Details
We have built complex (but intuitive!)CMS based sites with video upload/conversion, multi-level access content approval, and social networking. Generally getting hundreds of modules, custom themes, and e-commerce to coexist beautifully & peacefully is one of our specialties.
We are fluent in most majors content management systems including Drupal, WordPress (MU), Joomla and many of the e-commerce platforms. Plus we know how to integrate it all with  SSL Encryption, credit card processing and payment gateways. We also have experience in search engine optimization, pay-per-click/web advertising, php, ajax, css, js, x/HTML and others.
Speed & optimization should never be overlooked as this is where many CMS based sites in particular lose visitors. We are familiar with an array of techniques that significantly reduce pageload times while also greatly reducing server demand.
We have created, designed & modified many themes based on a variety of styles and standards - naturally all are tested for cross browser/system compatibility and standards compliance.
The Client List
Collaborated extensively with many high profile clients including Saks Fifth Avenue, Budget Rent-A-Car, Marriott, Hilton, Jack Daniel's, Seattle SeaHawks, Disney, Churchill Downs (Kentucky Derby), Qualcomm, Children's Miracle Network, America True (America's Cup contender), FOX Television, Azerly Solutions, Adrylan Communications, River Telecommunications, DeLaCruz Golf, Performance Solutions International, iLink International, The Macular Degeneration Foundation, UCSD Eye Center, About Time, and SDInet as well as many independent doctors, dentists and medical researchers.
Recent web design projects include Betterthansexed.org (Drupal), EncinitasRotary.com (Drupal), RetroFitAprons.com (Drupal), MiraCosta College-Institute for International Perspectives (dotNetNuke), DinamiteTBS.com (html / Flash), CollagenNatural.com (html).