More essays


You're not alone, the word "essay" used to trigger what I can only describe as an anxiety driven by monotony and boredom deep within me. Being passionately drawn to the creative and mysterious side of things essays were little cages I was forced to toil and labor in all the while knowing the outcome. I thought they were the very antithesis of journeys into the unknown that I loved so much. To find that they embrace a willful, wistful, and meandering mind like mine is an unexpected revelation.
However I think that interviews, reviews, and newspaper commentary are generally thought of more as articles and less as essays, but I might need to review that section again. As I type this I'm remembering examples with famous people and newspapers so thank you for pointing that out! Its interesting what stands out from person to person.
Like you I was instantly drawn to the description of essays as being an undefinable and unpredictable process. It put it right into my creative sweet spot next to drawing, painting, and sculpture where sometimes the process is the destination and the end result is just a by-product.

-Peter O.