Nike Chosen night surfing photos at Seaside

Nike 6.0 Chosen Night Surfing photo session at Seaside Reef (Solana Beach/Cardiff by the sea July 26)

View the pictures here:

I know Dusty Payne is in here but if you know any of the other surfers names please let me know as I'd like to give them credit.

The Nike 6.0 Chosen pros tore it up despite small conditions making it clear why they get paid to do what they do. The only real bummer for me was that aside from a couple hand chosen locals the rest of us riff-raff was not allowed in the water to enjoy the night surfing. In fact I tried to surf the same spot hours before the event and got yelled at. Note to Nike 6.0: there are few things surfers like less then being told they can't surf their local spot because a large corporation will be using that spot... 3 hours later. On the bright side all the young people working the event were friendly, helpful and generally awesome. Really nice custom made freebies and drinks made it even better. Unfortunately I was so busy taking photos I got in line too late, the person in front of me got the last pair of custom trunks. A negligible loss for some unique photos and an all around great free event. Nike is pushing hard into action sports and while they bring a lot to the surfing culture table they should also take more time to learn the local customs. Surfing is not like other sports Nike usually deals with, it goes beyond obsession and borders on religion for a lot of people.