How much we charge.

:: how much we charge ::


ArtScientific hourly rates range from $45-$125 per hour depending on the scope of the project, the skills required, the location, and the amount of manpower it will take to complete the project in the required timeframe. please keep in mind these figures are just to provide a general estimate. we do not strive to be the cheapest, just to provide the highest quality at a reasonable price.

Every Project is unique so please contact us for a detailed and accurate quote:

Tel: 858.245.8697
8:30am - 5:30pm M-F Pacific Time


Available Internationally.

here are a few common projects to give you an idea:

simple website:: $500 - $1500
complex website:: $1500 - $10k
significantly advanced or technically unique:: $10k+

starter:: $500
small business:: $1500
corporate:: $5000
creative:: $2000
gallery:: $1000
visual/facade upgrade:: $1000
online store:: $1500

search engine optimization:
please view our detailed SEO rate list by clicking here
packages start at just $299 initial fee and $39.99/ mo.

a-la-cart website additions:
e-commerce/shopping cart:: $300 - $1500
message boards:: $250
streaming videos (training/info):: $150
Flash animation:: $250
database:: $350
user accounts/password entry:: $250
gallery:: $100
custom blog:: $200
banner ads:: $50
content management system:: $250
e-mail marketing:: $150
form / survey:: $50

website management:
online advertising (e.g. AdWords +):: $45/hr
webstats analytics (statistical analysis):: $45/hr
content management (creation and updates):: $45/hr

graphic design:
logo:: $150 produces 3 logos to choose from
brochure:: $250 for tri-fold 8.5"x11"
business cards:: $150 produces 3 card choices (logo not included)
corporate identity:: $500 pkg. inc. cards, letterhead, envelopes +
poster / large format:: $400 for music/concert, $1200 for movies
package design:: $250 simple, $500+for blisterpack/injection molded
magazine ads:: $250 for 1 page, $500 for spread
catalogues:: $500 for 5 page, $2k for 15 pg. w choice custom papers
mailers/flyers:: $150 for 5.5" x 8" single sided $300 double sided

illustration:: $800 for full page hi-res ad/print ready
animation:: $500 per 5 min anim w single character
visualization/prototype:: $500 for simple object e.g. golf club, computer, stereo & $2k for complex objects e.g. cars, human skull, architectural homes/buildings

fine art:
drawing:: $250 for 8.5x11" portrait in pencil/chalk, signed
ink illustration:: $350 11x8.5" landscape, signed
oil painting:: $2500 3.5 ft x 4.5 ft impressionistic oil on canvas
medical illustration:: $450 8.5 x 11" anatomically correct

products:: $45/hr
on location / travel:: $55/hr
studio:: $35/hr
retouching / restoration:: $35/hr
audio & video:
training video production/actors :: $35/hr
voice overs:: $25/hr
storyboards:: $25/hr
special effects:: $55/hr includes morph, particle, and lighting effects