The freedom to choose


Three very interesting sub-points here, first the fact that people hide their faces when robbing a bank or committing a crime is an excellent point. At least in our society people generally don't cover their faces unless they intend to do something they don't want to get caught/recognized doing. When I go to another country I try to be aware of their customs, the same should be true for those coming to this country. They should respect and abide by our customs but I believe that as long as they are not harming anyone by their actions they have the choice not to do so, at their inconvenience.

As the world gets smaller and people emigrate all over the world, there will be a natural equalization of population, wealth and poverty. When that happens there is always going to be culture clashes and friction and while I see the need for increased security I don't want it to become an excuse to slowly take away more and more of our rights as citizens of our country. Why should we be punished, surely there is a better way? Its happened many times in history. The sound of Hitlers Nazi SS saying "papers please" comes to mind.

Lastly I think originally the veils were to control women (in some areas they used to need a escort that was a male in the family in order to leave the house) and felt that since they owned their wives no one else should look at them as potentially sexual people. That said if a woman chooses to wear it for the anonymity it provides thats her choice, but whats really unfortunate is that it says some women feel disrespected and objectified by the men in their culture to the point where they need to hide in the first place.

I think it comes down to respecting each others points of view both when we are at home and traveling.