Peter Ochabski Cover Letter

I currently freelance at $65 an hour but would be happy to work in the right position for $35/hour.

Here is a link to my resume and a more detailed description:

I love anything natural, edgy, luxurious, dangerous, beautiful, complicated or powerful. I love solving problems and pushing the boundaries. Extremes are my comfort zone! Clean, simple and powerful or earthy, dirty and asymmetrical. I have a special affinity for action sports or nature related work and to balance that I also love the super modern and mechanical.

I'm motivated by making a difference, making people feel wonder, joy and excitement. The act of creation brings with it a sensation second to none. What could be more motivating then doing what you love?

I'm inspired and influenced by the renaissance masters, the impressionists, counter/sub/culture, Japanese pop culture, manga/anime, and my crazy, wonderful high-school art teacher who will never know how much hes inspired me, all these years.

I'm also a well rounded creative/developer that can plan the overall strategy, design the look/feel, create quick mockups, produce optimized final content, create custom content management systems to control the content, then QA and SEO the results. I can hand code X/HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Actionscript and more. I also have experience creating Flash, social media, mobile sites and integrating video. Recently I've acquired Linux and server administration skills rounding out my LAMP knowledge. If necessary I'm also happy to build and manage a team to handle large scale long term goals. Writing and photography have been lifelong passions that bolster my other skills allowing me to communicate effectively and captivate customers. I also have extensive experience with print work from catalogues to logo development.

Personally I love anything that involves nature, travel, art or music. To balance those I have a passion for technology in all its forms from performance cars to overclocked custom computers and online games.

I've been full time self-employed running a design and web development company for over 5 years but wearing most of the hats has lost much of its luster. I'm looking to contribute to the right company and focus on design, development, and improving the bottom line rather than taxes, making sales calls, and accounting. I'm available part time now and full time in approximately one week.

I'm good at everything but don't hold that against me! Seriously though, I know my strengths and am very aware of my weaknesses. I would say my biggest asset is divining what people what, what they need, and how to create situations where everyone benefits, both for the company and its clients. Next in line would be my ability to learn just about anything, I don't stop until I achieve the level of proficiency required to accomplish a given task.

Professionally, I've built and managed a variety of world class web sites and I've been on the bleeding edge of it for over 10 years. I know how to help a site convert visitors to customers, display its content in a user centric and user friendly way, and how to create interactive content that not only keeps visitors coming back but has viral and social components so that existing traffic generates more traffic. I've redirected one of my past companies into creative new niches and doubled sales with an initial product developed and sourced in about 2 weeks (I was told it couldn't be done, so I made a bet with my CEO). I've also created harmonious and efficient teams of nearly twenty people taking companies from startups with 6 people to enterprise level major players with buyout offers from TimeWarner/AOL and other major companies. I temper the large scale aspects of professional life with a deep need to hone and express my traditional creative skills and software/programming expertise. I've invested significant time in elevating many skills to a professional level which helps fortify my employer's bottom line.

I'm looking for part time or telecommute work however I'm happy to come in for weekly meetings. I'm also open to a full time position with the right company that's offering generous compensation or the opportunity to create something special. My hourly rates range from $25 to $65/hour depending on responsibilities, time commitment, security and benefits.

My main site (web dev, graphic design, photography ):
DeviantArt (illustration and image manipulation):
Dev site (code, flash, artworks):