cool new music to check

"Cry" - That Handsome Devil
"The Ugly Dance" - Fulkultur
"Days Go By" - Dirty Vegas
"Vanner Och Frande" - In Extremo
"L1FEL1KE" - Karnivool
"New Crossing" - Shigeto
"Drown In The Now" - The Crystal Method
"Sanctuary" - Mi6
"Change pt.II" - Karnivool
"Free Money" - SHAT
"Side With The Guns" - Nonpoint
"Seed" - Brael and Tokyo Bloodworm
"A Garland of Stars" - Bluetech
"Crossover Appeal" - Guns 'n' Bombs
"Never Meant" - Alien ant Farm
"Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Purin Purin Boron Nurururerorero" - Maximum The Hormone
"Laughing Octopus" - Mobuka Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazama Jinnouichi
"Fresh" - Daft Punk
"Insomnia" - Pete Philly
"Eyetunes" - Benga
"Strung Out" - Bar 9
"Pieces" - Dark New Day
"Stockholm Syndrome" - That Handsome Devil
"Circuit Breaker" - Sonic Sum
"One" - Lamb
"[8]" - SCISSOR
"State Of Emergency" - Alien Ant Farm
"Revista Mode" - The Hexx
"Cold (But I'm Still Here" - Evans Blue
"Sabotage" - Beastie Boys
"Freak of Nature" - Sinisstar
"De Voce" - Pitty