For over 15 years Peter Ochabski has demonstrated the ability to expertly apply his diverse and considerable creative skills for the benefit of his employers. He has significantly increased sales, collaborated with A-list brands, and left powerful, unforgettable impressions on his target audiences. In addition he has consistently helped his employers and co-workers not only achieve but exceed their goals. Providing leadership and direction Peter has created harmonious and efficient teams helping his companies grow from start-ups to major online institutions. Despite his experience he is not content to rest on past successes and stays on the edge of future trends, in part thanks to a deep desire to continuously learn and grow. An innate problem solver, he believes that any obstacle can be overcome. His true passion has always been the seemingly infinite forms that embody creativity and communication.

Peter has held positions as a Creative Director, Sr. Designer, and WebMaster. He has also developed the ability to work in 3D and knows the intricacies of traditional print media. An accomplished illustrator, painter, and photographer he has realized there is an art to everything, even developing code and content management systems.

At his core Peter is an artist with ink, paint, polygons and pixels running through his veins. His heart however, is motivated by making a difference, making people feel wonder, joy and excitement. His other passions include action sports, travel, music, nature, fashion and anything automotive.