Peter Ochabski
Sept. 7, 2012
Defining "Technology"

Technology... was once more specifically used to describe the tools and techniques used to achieve a given goal or overcome a particular obstacle. Back then we had axes, fire, the wheel, and other humble but life altering tools. Today it seems as though technologies primary purpose is to create things for us to buy. Whether these things make us happy or even genuinely improve our lives in a meaningful way is secondary to the sale. Modern technologies make the flow of information nearly limitless with the internet and medical science can not only put a man back together after he has been dismembered but bring him back to life if he dies. Technology allows us to split atoms which are so small they are invisible and release massive amounts of energy that can be used to warm thousands of hearts and homes or disintegrate them. Technology also allows us to bypass the slow, haphazard, and messy biological process of evolution. Instead of evolving claws over thousands or millions of years we can simply build a chainsaw. Technology also seems to be self accelerating and the more we have the faster it advances and the more momentum it gains.

-Peter Ochabski