Search Engine Optimization (Organic Searches)

:: Websites Need Visitors to Thrive!::

You may have the most beautiful website, but frankly, what good is it if it just sits there?

Unfortunately, if you build it they might not come. This is one of the great dissapointments and stumbling blocks to many new businesses on the internet. We bring the lifeblood that is people to your website.

Using a custom tailored plan to get the most benefit from your online advertising budget, we plan, execute, and monitor your campaign.

We have properly applied good online marketing and advertising techniques to increase our clients' traffic by up to 90% without significantly increasing their budget!

Our sites typically get indexed by search engines within 1 week as compared to others' 4 weeks to 6 MONTHS estimated delay.

We look forward to starting small or building a comprehensive advertising strategy to meet your needs.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would just like to know where we go from here.

Search engine optimization (SEO) offers dramatic return on investment, but don't let anyone fool you, it's a patience game.


Our SEO is focused on the user and the search engine. This approach brings long term results with work that is not lost as soon as the current black hat SEO trick is punished by google and the other search engines.


We are up to date on all of the industry practices and would never jeopardize the reputation of your site by employing any "black hat" or otherwise risky SEO practices. It is never worth it. With SEO, slow and steady reaps the rewards for the long run of your site. It is an intricate and delicate game that we, in the industry, play.


It is important to stay current and continue to nurture your site. That is one of the reasons that we have included "maintenance" as part of our packages. To succeed with the search engines, you must keep your site current and updated frequently.


One note of warning on going with another SEO company: They seem to pride themselves on rankings for specific industries. How are they going to have you compete with their other clients and "guarantee" results for all? I could exhaust us both with reasons to steer clear of companies that "guarantee" rankings, especially 1st page on google rankings. With SEO, there IS NO guarantee. You could be on page 1 today and then for no apparent reason (unless you have a company research it) you find yourself on page 3, or worse, the very next day.


There is no question as to why SEO is fast becoming the #1 advertising expense of major companies world wide. You get out of it what you put into it. The more effort and time (= $) you spend on optimizing your site and link building, the more you will see in results (better page rank and higher position on google, msn, aol, etc). It is a process and you have to continually put effort into it to keep on top of the rankings.


SEO is an extremely involved and complex game that advertisers (you) play with search engines. The name of the game is patience and it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve (us). Getting your site to show up on page 1 is no guarantee. On top of this, the search engines are constantly changing their SEO ranking algorithms so you may be on the first page one day and then, even if your site does not change, you are not found there anymore.


This is not to discourage you, we just want to give you a realistic view of the way that SEO works. No SEO firm can promise you page 1 ranking and if they do they are full of it and you should beware. What we can tell you is that your site should be optimized for actual terms that your clients will be searching for and the more specific terms that we target, the higher you will rank for these terms. For example, if you target "cars" you will have a very difficult time because you are a new site (this is a factor in determining page rank) and there is a lot of competition for this word. But you may very well come up on the first page for "used car sales in San Diego" or "used car listings" or "buy used cars san diego".

However, if you want to blitz the market, you should go the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) route. This would include setting up a campaign of pay-per-click (PPC) ads that get run on google, msn, yahoo etc. This also involves targeted keywords that you will bid on and when a customer clicks your ad, you pay between $0.05 and up to $15 or more. The good news is that depending on how much you want to spend and how well your site is designed around those words, you will be on the first page. Of course, it costs more to be at the top of google above the natural searches, and the first few positions on the right side cost more.


We have had great results in our own campaigns. We have bid on words and positions that we were running for $5 and $10 each and through careful strategies and keyword placement in our site and the wording of our ads, have gotten the price down to less than $0.15 per click for the same word!


It does take work to get it there and you have to constantly monitor your campaign because they are always changing the price, when your ad runs, and a number of other variables, so you have to stay on top of it. We have heard horror stories of people setting up accounts wrong and after a week of not monitoring their ads, they owe google $5,000 or even more!!! Ouch!

One thing to keep in mind is that for highly contested and broad / general terms like "cars" companies spend tens of thousands of $$$ to attempt to get a page 1 ranking. That's not to mention the $5000/ month pay per click marketing campaign. Bar none, SEO and ppc are the most cost effective advertising and marketing tools available. The ROI for SEO & PPC is un-matched and traditional advertising companies are running scared. They cannot compete.

This all being said, its good to know people. We are on your side, so when you figure you advertising budget, we can work it out to get you the most bang for your buck! You will want a balance of SEO that will benefit you long term and get you quality natural search results so your clients can find you, and the PPC ads that will bring in clients while you are patiently waiting for the SEO to kick in.