Religious Imperfection


Personally I think that there is one true religion... for each person, and it will evolve as that person evloves and they come to greater knowledge and understanding of their chosen path/s and beliefs. We are all different but the same. Countries have borders for a reason and we should celebrate our differences, its what makes us unique. We are raised in different cultures with differnet belief systems and value different things so, in my opinion there can't be one religion to suit everyone perfectly unless its so general as to be almost meaningless.

For example in communist Poland where I grew up freedom was most important because we didnt have it, here in America people take their freedom for granted (and we are losing it because of this) but in other parts of the world people need food, or medicine, or the right to practice their religion of choice without persecution! In each part of the world there are different needs, different levels of hardship and so different religious priorities are necessary to help people live and survive their lives.

That said, I think we can all live in harmony, respect each others religions and learn from them. I think all too often religion is seen as something to be hoarded and protected but in truth it should be shared and given away freely, gently and without force or coercion.
-Peter Ochabski