Peter Ochabski: A short story.


Peter Ochabski: Bio
Perhaps because I was raised on renaissance art and the impressionists by my brilliant and cultured Mom, I took an immediate interest in the raw, explosive, and unpredictable world of comic books. Unfortunately as I got older I came to the conclusion that I'd need to die before I could make real money as an artist working in traditional mediums. Without the means to convincingly fake my death I jumped headlong into the world of computers thinking I could find a creative niche while actually affording a decent living. Unfortunately graphic design turned into web design which led to web programming and all my beautiful colored pixels were quickly replaced with code and math. Unperturbed I continued on thinking I just needed to try harder but when a fish tries harder to climb a tree the only thing that increases is frustration, chafing and asphyxiation.
After trying to climb that tree for 15 years and almost out of breath I realized that I, in fact, was a fish (not a monkey, as I had been told by myself and others) and would rather swim in some nice water. It was with this revelation that I changed my direction in life and am now pursuing a career in Illustration, Storyboarding, and finally, Comic Books. Truth be told I would rather fail spectacularly at something I love than succeed at something I hate. That's a particularly bold statement coming from someone who has been mortally afraid of failure for most of his life.
The future has so much potential, but then again I've always thought it did, even when it didn't. However I am at a point in my life where I'm finally starting to be honest with myself and from the places that make me the most insecure I'm finding my true loves and passions are worth pursuing despite the risk of failure. A life without dreams is a slow death and a life of dreams is only worth pursuing if those dreams lead to actions.
-Peter Ochabski