Karma and unfairness


So if i put myself into Hindu shoes I would think we should help those people on their journey because although they may be having difficulty because of a past life, their current life is a chance to fix it. Also it may be their first life as a person, so they are starting at the bottom, having to overcome greater obstacles to achieve greater awareness and strength. Also in order for us to grow and achieve Moksha ourselves they are an opportunity for us to exercise charity, compassion and a ton of other positive qualities.
Rachel, great observation that some wealthy people are jerks and some wonderful people are destitute. How does karma explain this? I think that wealth makes many people miserable and some of the poorest people I've met have also been shockingly content and happy. I think material wealth has little to do with karma or true and lasting happiness.
That said I think chance does exist. The universe is divine randomness so that change and growth can be possible. How we react to it on an individual level, is choice, not chance.
-Peter Ochabski