How we work.

How we work [the where, when & how]:

:: We work hard to make it easy ::


Contact us through our simple form or call us and we can answer any questions you may have about where to begin. If you know what you want we have a detailed form to help us hit the ground running, quickly.

In Short: Next we have a preliminary meeting (in person, online, or through correspondence) to discuss your goals and objectives for the project. Then we provide you with a quote and completion date. Upon your approval of the quote and time estimates we accept a 50% deposit and begin work. We are location independent & work very efficiently with international clients.

Typical Work Terms:

Naturally we will tailor the process to suit: 

1. Client consultation and Project Proposal/Brief
We determine the goals, aesthetic, target audience, and requirements.

2. Design direction and development:
All comps and design drafts will be sent via e-mail as well as being made available to the client on the servers. We will provide 2 static design drafts/comps based on the client’s direction and examples. These will be used to determine the design direction and used as a guide for the remainder of the site. The client will provide feedback and we will modify the designs to suit. Any design modifications beyond two revisions will be billed at the standard hourly rate. 

3. Prototype:
Once the design direction is approved and signed off, the functional code/graphics are built and populated with the content of the homepage. 

4. Implementation:
The design will take into account SEO optimization, keyword placement, and existing content. We will provide code and optimized images needed to produce the working homepage and interior template. Site will make competitors hearts sink. The finished product will be provided on CD or DVD and made available to the client through the ArtScientific servers. 

Fee Schedule:
Our fee schedule is divided into two equal parts: one half when the Project is accepted and the remainder upon completion. Fees accrued for additional work will be accepted at the end of the half in which they were requested. 

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