God and Jesus


And yet, at its core it is the message of all major religions, really only the names change. Once you get into the specific rules and intolerance of other religions thats where it all falls apart.

As a Catholic I'm still in shock over the Bible depicting God as anything but a benevolent pacifist. It portrays his love as given only under many conditions and he usually destroyed those that disobeyed him (or even knocking on a rock instead of talking to it). He was in a bad mood one day and destroyed most of the world in a flood... Jesus is the one that I have to assume tried to refocus the religion from these vengeful stories into the soft handed forgiving love based thing I always thought it was.

But, children often want to be different from their parents...

If anything my faith in God and the nature of the universe has been deepened immeasurably. Its the interpretations and amount of spin that has been piled on top of the core beliefs that I find distressing. I'm newly inspired to dig through the muddy rubble and find the diamond of enlightenment.