Drupal user data collection and information.

Really there is no limit to how much information we can gather, retain, and organize using Drupal. Here is a breakdown of what we do for a site like this:

Analytics and data logging/storage: Information on every person that accesses the web site will be recorded. This will include (but is not limited to) their location, the number of times they have been to the site, what pages they viewed on the site and for how long, which search engine they used+what terms they searched on, and where they came from/how they found they site. This information will be mostly anonymous unless they sign up with the site, fill out a form/questionnaire or something similar where they enter their name, username or e-mail address. Once set up, this is automated by the web site, the server, and the two sets of analytics systems that we use.

We can also create landing pages for certain pr/marketing methods. For example, if we run an online ad we can have it link to -- - not only will this tell us exactly how effective that ad is, but it will allow us to have information and content directly relevant to that particular event/program/advertisement. This is applicable to just about any advertising method, you could have a unique link on posters or printed on physical items. You can also use QR codes and have them go direct to a custom landing page; these two work very well together.

As I mentioned earlier, we can create a form with anything you would like, from gathering information and questions with multiple choice or empty paragraphs for people to type in answers, to having image uploads so people can upload a picture of themselves or an event or anything. There really is no limit. Its a very flexible solution that allows you to not only add as many forms with as many questions as you would like (or just one question!) but it stores all the data in a readily accessible way through the CMS so no database knowledge or anything like that is necessary to view the results. The data can then be downloaded to a csv spreadsheet.

As for the flow of information, there are a wide variety of options ranging from having the site automatically send the information as soon as a prospective member signs up, to having it moderated by a dedicated person, to doing it manually for each item entered. I would suggest having one person be responsible for approval before its passed along. For example, the site can notify this person that a form has been filled out, they can then approve it and it will be automatically sent once approved.

We could also have the site direct the information based on zip code proximity but that would take time to implement and wouldn't really be cost effective unless there was a significant daily volume. Another alternative would be to have an option to select a desired city or region and it could then be sent to whoever is responsible for that area.

Basically, you can take as long as you would like to respond; however, every day that you do not respond will push back the project by that amount of time. Under ideal circumstances, the design comps will be finished 2 weeks from acceptance of Agreement. Final implementation should be completed within 1 month after the design direction has been approved. Development can be accelerated but an additional charge will be assessed based on the amount of overtime needed to complete the project within the accelerated deadline.

Please let us know if you have any additional inquiries. We anticipate a brilliant connection between prospective members and -- through this website. Thank you!