Americas Yin and Yang


I think that Americas Yang tendencies created a stratospheric rise for the country but it was an unsustainable trajectory BECAUSE it was so successful, aggressive, self centered, and short sighted. If there was more balance I think it could have been sustained but just like the over development and overuse of the environment we simply don't understand moderation and balance as a nation.

American parents (on average) don't do much parenting. They leave that to television and school, which fail miserably. I really cant even begin to explain why it seems like most other countries have such strong family bonds and put so much emphasis on family and society as a whole yet America doesn't. We are supposed to be the melting pot of the best of the rest of the world, its time we started to act like it!

Very interesting that Denmark keeps scoring so high on a national happiness rating, everyone I've met from there seems very content, will have to look into that.