3d Animation & Modeling

3d Development Projects: From 3d illustrations for magazine ads and prototypes of industrial designs to interactive 3d product visualizations for deployment on web sites, we have been producing 3d renderings and animations for over 10 years. We also produce photo-realistic architecture visualizations and low poly count game models. Our experience runs the gamut from concept sketches to modeling, texturing, lighting and advanced animation with special effects. We can work with any software including Maya, SolidWorks, CAD/CAM, Studio Pro, 3dS Max, Rhino and other 3d applications.

The ability to create something from nothing, manifest from imagination, tangible from the theoretical, is one of the most massively rewarding of pursuits. It is in the act of creation that our own lives seem to be validated, vindicated, and if we are lucky, venerated. Use your time wisely, create art, create music, create love. Savor & grow, experience & explore, hope & dream.